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Pots herbes i plantes
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Agricultural Origin

Products cultivated without fertilisers or chemical pesticides (fungicides, insecticides or herbicides): without residues of these substances. Only organic fertilisers and natural minerals. Fertilisation of nitrogen limited to 170kgN/ha (as in vulnerable zones). Genetically modified crops not permitted.

Livestock Origin

Livestock raised in dignified conditions, respecting biological and behavioural needs. Herbivores raised with access to pastures, and free-range pigs and foul. Fed with ecological products. Preventative treatment with antibiotics prohibited.

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A wide and diverse, range of products, even though they maybe difficult to find or preserve. Our chilled room helps with this. Being nonprofit allows us to create value for each product that we provide, without worrying about its profitability.

This applies to fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, flours, seeds, herbs and algae as well as cleaning products, personal hygiene and cosmetics.

We provide personal orders and are open to proposals of new products that are of general interest. We are shaped by 500 families that make it our Rebost.

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Seasonal Products, Sourced Locally

We stay as close as possible to the the farms and the producers our products and adapt to the rhythm of the seasons. We don’t need to cross oceans to guarantee a certain product year-round. We love being able to rediscover old varieties, and forgotten flavours. Our farmers are not gardeners of our countryside but rather guarantors of our food.

In order to have fresh produce every day, we involve as many local producers as we can. The aim is to collect produce in the field and savour it at home with the minimum amount of intermediaries, cold storage and kilometres travelled.

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We are committed to the production of food under dignified and respectful conditions with the environment. As pioneers of environmentalism we don’t only seek healthy products.

When we talk of green gold or lines of eco products of conventional agribusiness in todays terms, the principles of healthy, good and fair become separated. The same holds for the way large multinationals absorb local and family-run business. We don’t want to stand idly by as a few interests gain control of the large bio market.

We are no longer a small consumer group, but a large coop capable of gettingthe best prices while preserving ecological principles.

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Unwittingly or not,, we have become more and more careful in the provision of our foodstuff and other products. We cater for those who may have allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, for example to the chemicals in soaps, creams and detergents.

Similarly, for those with gluten or sugar intolerances we try to find a wider range of tastier and more affordable alternatives.

Raw and vegetarian options are also taken care of and we collate all the available knowledge about various foods in order to help or prevent illnesses of greater or lesser severity.

Ítem 6


The use of plastic makes us feel bad and we have discovered that we can live without it, We have many products to sell in bulk and have more to add.

To serve you the quantities you like, at the best price: a variety of fruits and vegetables, 58 dispensers of rice, grain, pasta and cereals; 20 varieties of flour in different sacks, 72 pots of herbs and teas, and also in bulk, seaweed, kuzu, umeboshi, shoyu, tamari, dried pollen, food supplements, coconut, cocoa, fresh cheese, quince, crestas, biscuits, olives, wines, oils, apple cider vinegar, sea water, cleaning products and washing products…we could go on and we will do so.

Our members are genuine experts in mreducing and reusing. In the coop we have cardboard boxes, cloth and recycled bags, glass jars and egg cartons…none of which we have needed to buy. Together we can get to where we need to go.